Thrown Together Announcement!

What the hell is this?

We’re a production company! That’s right! We’re striving to bring you content under a brand! We’re official now! Right? Hehe… right?

Thrown Together Productions is the brainchild of Alex Olsen and has a simple goal: Bring a single narrative to the world. Every story produced by our show will take place in some way in the same connected universe. Empty, Everlasting Beholders, and Artemis are the only shows we’re working on at the moment, but they’re all in the same universe, separated by a few billion years of time.

We’re making a narrative of humanity. Not of any group of individuals. We hope to bring it to you any way we can.

So then is this, like, a new Audio Drama Network?

Not quite. While we’re open to allowing other AD’s have our name, we have a very strict set of criteria they must fall under so that our ‘narrative of humanity’ isn’t lost or muddled. If you have a memoir of humanity you’d like to add to our small (but growing) list, please contact us through our contact page! Or by emailing either of our running shows (,!

What we really are is a brand. We’re looking to tell the story of humanities space age. From start to finish. It’s been a long road to this point, and we have a much longer ways to go. We’re really excited to bring you (hopefully) dozens of stories! One at a time, unless we can find writers, audio producers, and actors all willing to help us. In fact our next show is actively looking, though it’s also top secret, so inquire at the places above if you’re a writer, audio producer, or actor!

What can we expect from you guys and gals?

Well, we’re not entirely sure. We’re in this for the long run, so we’re just interested in getting off the ground right now. Our flagship show, Empty, has a lot of attention so we’re hoping to leech off of that somehow for future shows. Our greatest asset as far as advertising goes is word of mouth.

Anyways, we hope to have a minimum of two shows actively running at any one time. That means two actively updated shows from Thrown Together Productions a month! Isn’t that exciting!? Yeah, probably not as exciting as we find it, but all the same we’re super stoked to have an audience who’s excited about our shows!

How can we contact you with questions?

We don’t have an email address specifically for ThroToPro yet. We might not get one to be honest. It’s just easier that way, you know? It might be a little unprofessional, but we have plenty of subsidiary shows that all go to the same place. Feel free to email any of our shows or fill out the contact form on our site if you want to get with us for any reason.

Anything else?

Just one more thing. Thank you so much for being a listener of at least one of our shows! Even if you’re not, we’re glad to have you here. Every person around gives us the confidence to keep going and the mettle to handle problems that face us. We’re so excited to be turning this hobby into a business. Nothing will change, we will never start charging for episodes. But know that if you want to donate, we won’t stop you. Inquire above if you would.

Well, that’s about it from us! Please, keep an eye out for updates from us! Be that from ThroToPro or our shows! We’ll be moving our upload dates from the third Sunday of the month to the third Thursday as well. We hope to alter our outro’s to fit the new ownership on top of that. From now on, shows aren’t produced by Alex Olsen, but by Thrown Together Productions. We hope you’ve enjoyed this Thrown Together blog post!


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