empty-new-logoSix surviving colonists awaken without any memory of who they are. They’ve been asleep for billions of years, and the universe is a vastly different place.

Technology has advanced a lot, but nobody is around to share the advancements. The universe is Empty.

What secrets lie on this seemingly dormant vessel? What clues will be found about the past?


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Empty Monologues 1: Olivia’s Monologue

Olivia White tells her Audio Diary about her new job.

Empty Monologues 2: Brent’s Monologue

Brent Pavel walks someone through relaxation in a hypnotism session.

Empty Monologues 3: Doc’s Monologue

A shipboard doctor begrudgingly records his log for the captain.

Empty Monologues 4: William’s Monologue

William Brown records the first entry into his audio diary.

Empty Monologues 5: Koty’s Monologue

Koty Kay records her daily log.

Empty Monologues 6: Robbot’s Monologue

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Empty Season 1 Trailer

Our Season 1 Trailer! What lurks on board the Torngasoak?

Empty Episode 1: Empty 1/2

Five colonists wake up on a ship. What secrets lurk aboard?

Empty Episode 2: Empty 2/2

Our six colonists have some time to explore both the ship and themselves to learn more about their situation.

Empty Episode 3: First Contact

Having found a signal, our colonists decide to play it safe and determine the intent of the signal. While they wait, Brent insists on giving everyone a psychological rundown.

Empty Episode 4: Murphy’s Law

The signal seems safe. Now the crew must investigate. Something has to go wrong sometime though.

Empty Monologues: IGOS’ Monologue

Empty Episode 5: Lasting Consequences

The universe is a dangerous place. Consequences linger. The crew is the target of a new problem. One which threatens the whole ship.

Empty Episode 6: Dust in the Wind

The ship fell victim to some sort of alien rust. The crew is forced to look for a new ship to call home. However a threat looms just overhead at all times. This is the Season Finale of Empty Season 1.