Empty (Currently writing season 2)

Six surviving colonists awaken without any memory of who they are. They’ve been asleep for billions of years, and the universe is a vastly different place. Technology has advanced a lot, but nobody is around to share the advancements. The universe is Empty.

Everlasting Beholders (Coming off hiatus soon)

This is Everlasting Beholders: The Story of the Immortals. Having watched the universe since the start of time, these Immortals know a lot about everything. This story will eventually make up Memoirs of the Universe. Season 1 in its entirety is a crossover with The Rise of King Asilas, an Audio Drama about the coming to power of a king in a Feudal America.

Artemis: (Casting soon)

The story of the first Faster Than Light drive: A young girl by the name of Artemis. Captured by unsuspecting thieves, she learns about the universe she was created in. Audio Drama in production, not yet available for listening. Expect it to be out by the end of 2019!

Darius: (in production)

During the turn of the space age to the galactic age, a distantly colonized star by the name of Halter houses the first interstellar businessman by the name of Marcus Darius. He’s putting local companies out of business and it’s causing a large clash between local Families. Can Darius survive political espionage?

Ghost Light Theater: (Airing)

A space-traveling theater troupe exploring the galaxy in search of  new home. Performing plays as they travel, this group of actors has many adventures in store, even more stories to tell, and even some mysteries to reveal. Join us on October 31st for the first act of The Black Forest, Ghost Light Theater’s premiere play about a forest and the people who disappear in it.

The Glass Appeal: (Airing)

Jason Cawfield, known as the global tinker, has been imprisoned in the Conderacy Supremax Prison for a crime he claims he didn’t commit. He’s a tinker, a biohacker, and a part of Tinker International which is a volunteer organization that’s now associated with bio warfare.

The Insomnia Project: (Currently Casting)

The Insomnia Project follows several human test subjects of a new research trial that’s trying to eliminate the need for sleep. Things go…poorly.

The True Haven: (in production)

Bouldercrest: (in production)