Thrown Together Productions is a collaborative production company of people who love to tell stories and make audio drama.

AlexBioAlex Olsen – Founder, Writer, Audio Engineer

No stranger to a good time, Alex knows how to relax. When it comes to projects, pretty much all of them are Thrown Together. He’s always had interest in writing & Audio Drama, so making a place for people to come together & work on both seemed like a good idea! Now for the first time, Alex has had to figure out how to stop relaxing & buckle down.

ELijahBioElijah Gabriel – Writer, Director, CEO ——————–

Elijah has a B.S. in Statistics, but loves to write (huh? math and creative writing? Such a weird combination). He never leaves his computer. He’s what the other’s on the team would call a bit “overzealous” when it comes to writing. Nonetheless, he loves a good story and wants to let others experience his own. What is the team going to do with him?

MaxBioMaxwell White – Community Manager, Writer, Audio Engineer

Auto Mechanic by day and an audio engineer by night. Having worked on several projects in the Radio, Podcasting and Audio Drama communities, Maxwell will have no problem handling anything that is thrown at him. Striving for excellence is what he does best, assisting voice actors with new techniques, and tips and tricks to get everything spot on!

KvotheBioKvothe Harris – Writer——————————–

A maladaptive daydreamer who can’t keep her head in one reality, Kvothe is dedicated to anything that isn’t the world we live in. She has ten years of background in theatre and eight in writing fiction. She has always had an interest in voice-acting and is thrilled that she gets to work with so many dedicated people.

AdamBioAdam Blanford – Social Media Manager, Director, Writer ——– 

Adam studied anthropology, so it kind of makes sense that he wants to talk and engage with people. He’s also a voice actor, audio book narrator, and writer so he’s a dandy conversation piece at parties. As social media manager, he’ll be talking to the community a lot, and they’re most likely going to say, “That guy’s talking again?”

KristinaBioKristina Manente – Audio Engineer, Webmaster

Kristina has an MA in Radio, so you know she loves audio because no one would spend that much money on something they weren’t obsessed with. Always a storyteller, she made shows & audio dramas on her boombox growing up. Now she’s run The Baker Street Babes since 2011, writes for a bunch of nerd sites, & has a really cute dog named Basil.

KaitlinBioKaitlyn Kliman – Director, Writer

Kaitlyn was first pulled into the audio drama world while listening at her day job taking care of fish. After a whimsy of”why not” she tried out voice acting, and eventually became involved with Thrown Together as a voice actor. Before she knew it her involvement snowballed, and now she contributes to the team regularly as a writer and director.