Season 1 Finished!

The Glass Appeal 5-01

Jason Cawfield, known as the global tinker, has been imprisoned in the Confederacy Supremax Prison for a crime he claims he didn’t commit.

He’s a tinker, a biohacker, and a part of Tinker International which is a volunteer organization that’s now associated with bio warfare.

This audio drama is in production, coming soon to ears near you.



Written, Directed, and Produced by Elijah Gabriel
Sound Designer & Audio Engineer- Maxwell White
Composer – Zach Wojtowicz


Jason Tallent-Cawfield – Kyle Gould
Lucas Tallent-Cawfield – Dave Pellow
Brian Samson – Garret Escobedo
Emilia Whitehall – Arizona Jonson
Agent Rose Azeri – Alecia Gulley
Officer Alexander Patzer – Justin McCarthy
Alexis Tallent – Ellie Gossage
Dr. Stella Venezia – S.H Cooper